The Pros and Cons of Online Website Builders

The Pros and Cons of Online Website Builders

Online website builders have made it easy for anyone desiring to build a website to do so with much ease notwithstanding their lack of coding skills. Many businesses can migrate online on a small budget thanks to the website builders. However, everything has its good and bad side, and so in this article, we shall be looking at some of the advantages of using online website builders as well as some of the known disadvantages associated with the use of the same.

Pros of using online website builders

  • You do not require coding and design skills to build a website

One significant advantage that comes with online website builders is that that they are built for the novice, and so they dispense with the need for having coding skills. The builders have made it possible to create professional websites without hiring professional developers.

  • They are cheap, fast, and user-friendly

It’s a fact that the online website builders are fast to use as they come with ready templates which require minor customizing to achieve a fully-fledged professional website. They are user-friendly allowing anybody with no prior designing experience to use them satisfactorily. And they are also cheap compared to hiring a professional developer. It’s also easier to export templates to other platforms.

Cons of using online website builders

  • Not suitable for professional businesses

Owing to the levels of customization, the online website builders are not ideal for professional business. In fact, they are a savior mostly to startup businesses with no budget. A web designer though expensive can come up with a unique design for your business that can earn it a lot of respect and credibility.

  • Poor SEO and slow loading times

Websites built by web builders are not perfect for SEO as they sometimes feature unstructured and messy codes. This is because when you use website builders, you do not have a say in the code and so if the code is messy, it will affect your SEO and hurt your online business. The website builders can also harm your speed and loading times which may adversely affect your website because we know Google takes your site speed as a ranking factor.