5 Top Recommended Website Builders for Startups and Small Businesses
(The Pros and Cons Revealed)

Planning on establishing an online presence soon? Here are the best and top recommended website builders that will help you speed up the process!

Did you know that less than 10% of the customers and potential buyers will find your business or brand just by walking in your store?

According to one research, the majority of your clients and customers are searching for you online. It doesn’t matter whether your physical store is successful and sells a lot, you need to keep in mind that more than a third of your customers are going to check your ecommerce site or online store first before they think about visiting your physical store. In other words, if you don’t have a website and you haven’t established an online presence yet, you are missing out potential customers.

A lot of people and business owners face one similar problem – not having enough money to design a website from scratch and we all know that coding and developing a website from scratch requires some technical experience. For startups and small business owners on tight budgets, hiring an expensive web developer or designer can be an extra expense which they cannot allow at this moment. This is the point where website builder software systems come to help you out. The website builders are a great option for startups and small business owners with skill, budget, and time constraints. They allow you to create an amazing website really fast and at most importantly, at an affordable price. This software solution will allow you to use the money you would have spent on developing and designing your website to grow and improve your business.

As you probably know, there are free and there are paid website builders, so a lot of you are probably wondering whether or not using a free website builder is a smart idea.

Well, there are great free website builders, however, it is really important to pay attention to what they offer exactly and ensure the features and options they offer fit your needs. If you analyze and look deeper, you will realize that many free website builders aren’t free because you can’t use your own domain, you don’t have a full control over the site, you have to pay for templates and themes and additional add-ons.

Best Website Builders for Small Business
In this article, we are going to present you 5 top recommended website builders for startups and small businesses:
  1. WordPress – This is an open-source and free website builder which is available on most web hosting platforms. It has thousands of plugins to allow your site an additional functionality. The downside of this builder is that you are in charge of your own website security which includes keeping templates and plugins up to date, backing up your store, and updating WordPress when needed.
  2. SiteBuilder – This is a fully hosted, all-in-one platform, meaning you don’t have to worry about the technical issues of running a site. The only problem is that SiteBuilder is not that simple and easy to use as WordPress.
  3. Shopify – This is probably one of the best website builders for startups and small businesses. This is because it is specially designed to help businesses maintain online sales.
  4. Weebly – This is considered to be one of the best free website builders on the market. It is fully hosted which means you can focus on running your site. The downside of this builder is that you have to pay for your domain and additional site options.
  5. BoldGrid – You can use this tool as a WordPress plugin or as a fully hosted websites page builder. The only downside is that you still need a self-hosted WordPress site to run it.

Make the right choice! Good luck!

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